Arguments and Attempts to be an Awarenivore

Arguments and Attempts to be an Awarenivore

November 24, 2009

Turkey Twice as Good

I am not really referring to the leftovers Thanksgiving turkey supplies us with.

I spent twice a much on a large breast (get the giggles out) for Jamie and I - locally and organically grown not far from here - as it would cost to buy a whole turkey from Price Chopper. I was reaffirmed in my decision after seeing a slide show about where Butterball turkeys come from, how they are conceived, live, and die. I wish I had inclinations to become a vegetarian, but I'll save that for my next, further enlightened life where I can survive on mostly air.

So I spent about $60 just beginning to plan our dinner for two, when we found out we have other friends in town - chef friends. Who won't allow anyone else to bring food. They're doing that to be wonderful, perfect well, I guess we'll have our second supper on Sunday. Truthfully I was not completely organized, and I did NOT want to be trampled in the grocery store riot tonight - the night before Thanksgiving.

Back to the 'spend more, eat less, buy local' argument stuff. I narrowed my reasoning down a bit. We've all heard the gory details about tortured animals, the agregious amounts of pesticides used on our veggies, or even hormone influence growth in all of the above. Here's a more philosophical thought:

Not unlike the cannibal ideal, who desire to eat human flesh to gain the strength of their enemies, I desire to eat locally grown, sustainable, organic or handcrafted foods to infuse myself with positive energy and ideals of the farmer or artisan.

Every living cell holds a different story, knowledge or strength - life has scribbled a different note on each one, and I want to eat poems.

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