Arguments and Attempts to be an Awarenivore

Arguments and Attempts to be an Awarenivore

June 16, 2010

Lit Crit

Who actually enjoys reading literary criticism?

Reading it usually gives me the same headache as watching Judge Judy. I feel like if some kind of art is bad, it should just be allowed to wither to the wayside. If for some reason it gains a following, it won't taint art, the rest of us will still know it's crap.

I'm putting this out there because it is a required supplement to my application to a creative writing program.

Even when I was editor for the Deli Magazine, we did not want to write negative things. We simply ignored them, and highlighted the positive. It's what the Deli is still doing.

I do not want to be a critic, I want to create. I suppose to create, most of us have to be critics of our own work - so this essay's use must be to prove that we are capable of this way of thinking. As humans, though, we constantly judge to stay alive. It's in our nature. It's a true and tough practice to get away from this.

Should I just write my essay, or some how be snarky and fit this perspective into it?

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Adena said...

Criticism by blog comment is the worst :)

Do you have any suggestions of good/entertaining literary criticism I could read?