Arguments and Attempts to be an Awarenivore

Arguments and Attempts to be an Awarenivore

July 27, 2010

Blessed Herbs Cleanse, Day 2


It's day 2 of the liquid fast. I have been blessed with a quiet Tuesday, a beautiful weather Tuesday, so I am simply working from home, taking my day slowly, and taking time to sit outside, and now, write. :)

I am not so much feeling hungry, which is refreshing considering the fruit fast Ashley and I did last autumn was more difficult. I felt like I was starving the whole time, and always wanted more. These fiber shakes, that are the main part of the Blessed Herbs, really fill me up. The first time I took one (first night of the three day prep) I felt like it was super thick, and like I had cement in my stomach. But, now that there isn't any food in there, and only the shake, I feel pretty empty and clean. And the crazy stuff has already started to come out.

I made a veggie broth with a bit of miso, and mostly because I really enjoy chopping the veggies (kale from the garden) more than I was hungry. I have been alternating between juicing fresh, local apples, and bottled organic pear nectar, or a green juice, again, mostly just for variation.

I don't want to get sick of fresh apple smell or taste before cider-making season arrives. ;)

I felt amazing yesterday, and was still able to practice on my own, as well as lead a class. Jamie's parents (soon mine! I hate the word in-laws) came to class, and visited afterward which made me feel even better.

Today has been filled with reading, tea, working, sipping and a bit of writing - I hope to continue down this track.

I'm trying to pinpoint and put words to some of my anxiety, or restlessness, which I think comes from seeing the passing of time, and wanting to be aware of every second, every minute as it passes. As the day passes, as the season passes. I don't want it to pass, I want to slowly glide along with all of it, swept up in the waves. I guess this would be called, desiring to live in the moment. And as I try, I automatically separate myself. I just need to DO.

I think I came more prepared to this cleanse - it's the perfect week, no excuses in that aspect. Beautiful weather, which subsides my hunger for the most part anyway, and no particular parties or dinners etc. I am not quite sure what I expect to gain from this, really - it's a test mostly of my control, getting off of sugar for a bit, as well as wheat and dairy, which I plan to cut back on majorly anyway.

I am watching one tomato in the garden though, and if it ripens before Friday, I may have to make an exception.

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